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October 24, 2006

Drawing Parallels

You dont know driving - so you take lessons
You hate changing gears manually - so get yourself a car with automatic gear
You hate parking, especially, parallel parking - too bad....you gotta live with it!!!

Well not really!

According to this report from Fast Company Now, Toyota's Lexus LS comes with an optional Advanced Parking Guidance System that is designed to parallel park and reverse into a parking spot on its own.

I read this and go wow!!!! Parallel parking is any driver's BIGGEST PAIN AREA, and for me its one of the main reasons I dont take my car to places that dont make appropriate provisions for parking. And to think that this get done automatically (just some temperatmental issues to be taken care off, as the article says) is a big big delight!

And now Im wondering:
Do I know what the pain areas of my customers are? Or in Terry's words - Do I know what keeps my CEO up at night? And what have I done about it?


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