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March 09, 2007


Gautam wants to know if I “really” read his blog, just so that he knows I do – here’s my response to his tag:)

Books: Well..where do I start on this? Like all good parents – even mine introduced me to the Enid Blytons of the world – only to later on discover that reading became a disease with me! My Dad still says I got spectacles only because of reading through nights with dim lights on!

Here’s a listing of my favourite books:
>> Books I can never grow out of – Enchanted Woods, Enid Blyton (While other children built castles in the air, I built Toadstool houses thanks to her vivid descriptions and imagery around them!), Malory Towers Series
>> All Seasons Favourite – Rebecca by Daphne Du Maurier
>> Books that make me cry – Bridges of Madison County, Tuesdays with Morrie by Mitch Albom
>> Books which send shivers down my spine
“Perfume” - Patrick Suskind, Shantaram – Gregory David Roberts
>> Favourite book by an Indian Authors – Namesake by Jhumpa Lahiri,
>> All time energizer
>> Currently Reading – Maximum City by Suketu Mehta

Communication: A combination is what works for me. I cant overdo anything – be it email, phone, face-to-face. Texting (messaging) is NOT communication for me. I especially hate deciphering text messages which come to me like this – t c, c y sn, gd nt. Ugggggh! Whatever happened to the simple “bye?” (in case you still haven’t figured that out – it is “Take care, see you soon, good night.).

TV: I’m not much of a TV watcher. The times I do (which is largely over the weekends) – its with a finger endlessly pressing the channel change button. I have very limited attention spans when it comes to watching TV, though I must admit that I have watched all the episodes of the recently re-released
Koffee with Karan - Season 2!

Films: I like all kinds of films – but most of all – films on relationships. In Hindi, “Lamhe” & Mr. & Mrs. Iyer are my all time favourites. My favourite English films are “Speed”, “Primal Fear”, "Stepford Wives", "Hitch" – I also loved the recently released “Babel”.

Magazines – Ocassionally read all the business ones - Business Today, Business Week, Business Standard.

–I like Instrumentals, especially violin and flute. I also like the music of Micheal Learns to Rock, Savage Garden, Carpenters & Boney M.

Radio – It is an integral part of my morning drive to work. 98.3, Go 92.5, Red FM – I listen to all – and thoroughly enjoy the mindless banter, the variety of music, and ofcourse, the traffic updates!

The Web
– If this one is taken away from me, I lose my oxygen mask. I use the web to regularly check emails, visit news sites, read blogs and sometimes do some mindless surfing. For HR & management related updates, I visit Management Issues, Personnel Today, Workforce Management and HBS working Knowledge regularly. I hate “chatting” on the Net, so Google Chat, Yahoo & MSN Messengers are out for me.

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  • Talking about books recently I read this book which is called Decide to Lead: 8 decisions that can make you a leader by Sangeeth Varghese. I was expecting 'another boring book' on leadership. But the way the author inspires an average reader like me to embrace the concept of leadership is just amazing. Super book. Super treatment. Now it is up to me to practice.


    By Blogger Preethi, at Wednesday, 11 July, 2007  

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