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April 10, 2006

Dear Line Manager......


I wish you would be willing to take more hiring risks

I wish you would pay as much attention to "presenteeism" as you paid to absenteeism

I wish you wouldnt tell me all your requirements are "immediate", only to completely forget about the resumes I sent you the next day

I wish you wouldnt attribute every resignation in your team to "better salary"

I wish you wouldnt tell your team member - "I didnt give you that increment, HR did"

I wish you wouldnt tell me - " I lost five people in two months...what are you doing about it?"

I wish you wouldnt blame all your problems on inadequate staffing

I wish the "guys" i hired on almost impossible deadlines would'nt come a month later and ask me "Ma,am what was the hurry to get me here?"

I wish your once "perfect candidate" didnt become an "over-rated employee" when he joined competition

...........and I wish it wasnt always about "you" and "me"!


  • Hi Anuradha,

    I saw your contribution just yesterday in the Human Capital (Issue July 2006). I must say that you have captured a national (if not universal) HR concern in 10 crisp lines that say it all. And I am also sure that all Line Managers will nod in agreement to your words about their perspective too.

    Veena Saxena

    By Blogger Veena Saxena, at Sunday, 06 August, 2006  

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