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July 29, 2006

What I do for a living

When I tell people that I am an OD Manager, I meet with responses ranging from - "Oh, so you do training" to "Come again...what exactly is that".

So what exactly is OD?

Here are some of the things OD (Organization Development) means to me:
  • Improving the quality of interactions between people
  • Getting people closer to the organization's strategy, and more importantly, help them understand the behavioural changes that need to be made in order to align to that strategy
  • Helping people make important shifts. (For example, facilitating the transition from academics to organizations for campus hires, moving from working in silos to working in teams, etc)
  • Facilitating communication in a manner that is transparent, consistent and logical.

Very soon, I hope to write a post on how some of these things get done!


  • Re: What is OD?

    Yes, this is a perennial question in our field, Anuradha. It's one of the things I like best about OD.

    Over the years, I have taken many stabs at answering it; for example:


    And I'll probably continue to do so.

    I love your blog name "Engage Energize Evolve." Those three words say a lot about what OD is trying to do.

    Keep on blogging!



    By Blogger Terrence, at Saturday, 29 July, 2006  

  • Thanks a ton for the post on OD. Only after reading this that I got to know that I do OD along with T&D.

    I look forward to your post which elaborates on this.



    By Blogger Sandeep, at Monday, 31 July, 2006  

  • Thanks Terry and Sandeep

    Sandeep: To my mind, training is one slice of the OD pie

    By Blogger Anuradha, at Monday, 31 July, 2006  

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