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March 09, 2007


Gautam wants to know if I “really” read his blog, just so that he knows I do – here’s my response to his tag:)

Books: Well..where do I start on this? Like all good parents – even mine introduced me to the Enid Blytons of the world – only to later on discover that reading became a disease with me! My Dad still says I got spectacles only because of reading through nights with dim lights on!

Here’s a listing of my favourite books:
>> Books I can never grow out of – Enchanted Woods, Enid Blyton (While other children built castles in the air, I built Toadstool houses thanks to her vivid descriptions and imagery around them!), Malory Towers Series
>> All Seasons Favourite – Rebecca by Daphne Du Maurier
>> Books that make me cry – Bridges of Madison County, Tuesdays with Morrie by Mitch Albom
>> Books which send shivers down my spine
“Perfume” - Patrick Suskind, Shantaram – Gregory David Roberts
>> Favourite book by an Indian Authors – Namesake by Jhumpa Lahiri,
>> All time energizer
>> Currently Reading – Maximum City by Suketu Mehta

Communication: A combination is what works for me. I cant overdo anything – be it email, phone, face-to-face. Texting (messaging) is NOT communication for me. I especially hate deciphering text messages which come to me like this – t c, c y sn, gd nt. Ugggggh! Whatever happened to the simple “bye?” (in case you still haven’t figured that out – it is “Take care, see you soon, good night.).

TV: I’m not much of a TV watcher. The times I do (which is largely over the weekends) – its with a finger endlessly pressing the channel change button. I have very limited attention spans when it comes to watching TV, though I must admit that I have watched all the episodes of the recently re-released
Koffee with Karan - Season 2!

Films: I like all kinds of films – but most of all – films on relationships. In Hindi, “Lamhe” & Mr. & Mrs. Iyer are my all time favourites. My favourite English films are “Speed”, “Primal Fear”, "Stepford Wives", "Hitch" – I also loved the recently released “Babel”.

Magazines – Ocassionally read all the business ones - Business Today, Business Week, Business Standard.

–I like Instrumentals, especially violin and flute. I also like the music of Micheal Learns to Rock, Savage Garden, Carpenters & Boney M.

Radio – It is an integral part of my morning drive to work. 98.3, Go 92.5, Red FM – I listen to all – and thoroughly enjoy the mindless banter, the variety of music, and ofcourse, the traffic updates!

The Web
– If this one is taken away from me, I lose my oxygen mask. I use the web to regularly check emails, visit news sites, read blogs and sometimes do some mindless surfing. For HR & management related updates, I visit Management Issues, Personnel Today, Workforce Management and HBS working Knowledge regularly. I hate “chatting” on the Net, so Google Chat, Yahoo & MSN Messengers are out for me.

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